postpartum support

standing alonside you, supporting
you with personalized care in the
ways you truly need.

our postpartum support includes:

~ knowledgeable support and guidance
~ counselling and non judgmental companionship
~ help with household duties like light cleaning or laundry
~ help with preparing simple, nourishing meals
~ education based, hands on breastfeeding or chest feeding support
~ help with bathing, diapering, changing and more 
~ baby wearing support and assistance
~ supervision of the newborn, children or pets
~ direction and encouragement to help family members adjust to their new roles
~ accompaniment on family errands
~ connections/referrals to community resources
~ overnight support if needed

unique and custom support - for the 
postpartum family.

the benefits:

Having a doula present reduces chances of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and  improves breastfeeding success.

Postpartum doulas are active listeners,  providing emotional support, non-judgmental nurturing and encouragement.

Doulas help to find balance with a new family member and provide support for siblings and spouses in the transition. 

Post partum doulas understand newborn feeding and care, and can provide evidence-based or community referrals.

They provide hands on help for parents by doing light housework, grocery shopping, meal prep and newborn care.






practical support

individualized care

family focused

emotional support

informational support

scope of support

lasting benefits

Our postpartum doulas work with families after the arrival of a new baby, providing them with highly personalized emotional, physical and informational support.

Regardless of background, belief system or way of being, we provide culturally appropriate emotional support; respecting the unique function and the parenting style of our families. We also provide plenty of support for the mother, answering questions and providing encouragement. 

Our support is completely individualized to each family’s specific needs, but generally includes providing opportunities for rest, personal care, and healing. We also demonstrate newborn care, help with breastfeeding, provide care to other children or family pets, and are there to fill in the gaps as needed.

The support of a postpartum doula can have lasting and life-changing impacts on your family. Doulas provide families with increased confidence in their new roles, a greater satisfaction in the breastfeeding experience as well as the duration, and fewer incidences of postpartum depression.

We focus on “mothering the mother”, making sure you receive proper nutrition, sufficient fluids, and rest so that you can heal. We'll listen, provide options, resources and referrals, reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and isolation.

Because of the our training and experience we may notice deviations from normal postpartum recovery, newborn appearance and behavior or breastfeeding which could lead to referrals and/or treatment being provided sooner.

We will assist you in the postpartum period by tending to the needs of your other family members, making sure they have enough attention, providing reassurance, nourishment and helping to keep an orderly house to help your entire family during the transition.

how can a doula support you?

"While doulas are not qualified to give medical advice, they are trained to look for signs you’re having a tough time and can help you find the appropriate resources to feel better."

hourly rates

packaged hours

Daytime $35/hr
min 4 hrs, max 9 hrs

Overnight: $40/hr
min 8 hrs

15 hours   ~     $525
25 hours   ~    $875
35 hours   ~    $1,225
45 hours   ~    $1,575

10% discount will be provided at time of booking


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