postpartum services

We believe that is takes a village to support a new family. This village can be anyone you make it, as long as they are there to fully support you. Hiring a postpartum doula to be a part of your post-birth plan is always a good idea.

With years of experience supporting various families within our community...we understand your needs. As doula, I will work with you and your family to encourage confidence, goal-setting, and support in the achievement of reaching your goals.

services we provide:  

Whether you need a break, shower or nap, we understand that everyone is different and has unique postpartum needs. We will discuss these and provide support that is personalized for your unique situation.cooking

  • light cleaning and/or laundry
  • infant + breastfeeding support
  • assistance with bathing, changing, swaddling, and holding  baby
  • supervision of the newborn, other children or pets
  • assistance with the family's adjustment to their new roles
  • light household tasks and meal preparation
  • accompaniment on family errands
  • supervision of your baby 
  • connections to community resources




minimum 4 hours, maximum 9 hours - $30/hr

Overnight (limited time available)

minimum 4 hours, maximum 8 hours  - awake $40/hr, asleep $35/hr)