Heart Shaped Placenta Captured by Candice Tizzard of Stage Doula and Birth Photography

Please note, Candice does not perform encapsulation but our doula colleague,  Yvette Stevens, of Golden Ears Doula Co performs this service. 

what is placenta encapsulation?

Encapsulation consists of steaming, dehydrating, and grinding the placenta, which is then placed into capsules for the birthing person to ingest. In many cultures, it is said to have many benefits which support and aid the birthing person’s postpartum healing. 

benefits of placenta encapsulation.

  • Reduces postpartum bleeding

  • Increases oxytocin which assists the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy state.

  • Increases milk production

  • Decreases stress, by increasing stress-reducing hormones

  • Restores Iron levels in the blood

  • Increases energy

  • Decreases postpartum baby blues

  • Rich source of Iron and other hormones