Supporting Your Birth Story

I will support your birthing journey through positive emotional support, compassion, knowledge, and fun.  Together, we will talk about your baby's birth process and the journey that your baby will take.  We will go step-by-step through what you can expect so that you can feel confident in your journey and in your choices. I strive to demystify birth, remove fear and add an element of fun.

Investment: $1150 (+ taxes)

Add Birth Photography for $600

Included:  Free TENS rental from 37 weeks until birth

Pool rental $300

Includes: Drop off, set up, take down, clean up, and pick up. All the necessary accessories (pump, tarp, tap adapter) for the pool. All the supplies for the birth (hose, debris net, liner, blue pads and thermometer) 


What You Will Receive 

  • 2-3 prenatal visits, approximately 2 hours long each. 
  • Goal setting and vision building.
  • In depth stages of labour discussion, so you know what to expect.
  • Education based on informed consent. 
  • Hands on comfort measures, positions, and tricks for optimal fetal positioning. 
  • Newborn care and parenting tips 
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Infant sleep education, and sleep support
  • Instant phone, text, and email support
  • On call starting at 37 weeks and continuing 6 weeks after birth. On call includes phone support, sleep questions, parent support, and breastfeeding support. 
  • A full 2 hour, complete postpartum support package. Includes any of the following - laundry, dishes, pet care, child care, infant care, shower and a nap. Don't forget breastfeeding support, baby wearing education, and sleep support. 
  • Full access to Lending Library and resourses.
  • The option of adding photography at highly discounted prices. 
  • Lot's of love and laughs