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Working with Candice was an overwhelmingly positive experience

Working with Candice was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

She stuck with me when things were slow and was there to help when things were fast and furious. She reassured me repeatedly that she wanted to be with me and that I wasn’t wasting her time even when the contractions died down for a bit. She really helped contribute to the positive wondrous feeling of that birth.

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I felt Candice offered as much support to me as she did to my wife

Candice was great.

When my wife first suggested a doula I felt like it was taking something away from me. My experience was the opposite. I felt Candice offered as much support to me as she did to my wife. Having Candice there allowed me to fully support my wife and not have to run for all of the logistical support. Whatever we needed Candice was there to get it and make timely suggestions that reassured both me and my wife. 

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I would so highly recommend Candice to any parents looking for a doula!

Candice was an absolutely integral part of our successful home water birth

 I had a highly medicalized and traumatic first birth followed by postpartum anxiety and badly wanted this birth to be a healing experience. All her logistical supplies (awesome lending library, birth ball, tens, birth pool and accessories) made it easy to plan for! She takes her doula work very serious and is passionate about all things birth and had the supplies, and knowledge to help women through this amazing process

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I highly recommend her and want her therefor the next baby we have!

I am so glad that we decided to hire a doula! When we found Candice’s amazing website we pretty much knew she was the one.

Candice was always there to answer any questions we had from the moment we hired her. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her job and it shows, she was always checking in to see how things were going and giving us webpage links to help us make informed decisions.

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Candice was an indespensible member of our team

My wife and I first heard about doulas while attending a pre-natal class. After the class, my wife mentioned that she might like to look into hiring a doula.

At first, I was a bit put-off by the idea. I thought that having a doula would somehow take away from my experience as a father in the delivery room that a doula would somehow “get in the way”. My wife did some research into what exactly doulas do, and then explained to me that they are not there to get in the way, but to support us. I wanted my wife to be happy, so I agreed to look into it with her. Plus, I liked the idea of having an impartial third party along — my wife’s sister had their mom in the delivery room with her and her husband, and it caused some conflicts.

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