I would so highly recommend Candice to any parents looking for a doula!

Fingers in the mouth self soothing

Candice was an absolutely integral part of our successful home water birth

 I had a highly medicalized and traumatic first birth followed by postpartum anxiety and badly wanted this birth to be a healing experience. All her logistical supplies (awesome lending library, birth ball, tens, birth pool and accessories) made it easy to plan for! She takes her doula work very serious and is passionate about all things birth and had the supplies, and knowledge to help women through this amazing process. When I was 40wk5d I had an intense false start that she arrived for, in the middle of the night of course, and immediately got to work setting the house and birth pool up.

Despite labor stopping she remained with us all night and provided many suggestions to kick start it in the morning. I felt foolish calling her out only to have it stop, but she was so professional and personal all at once, reassuring me that everything would be fine. When she left, she gave me and my husband some homework and later that night it was on! When she arrived she immediately started massaging me and showing my husband how to do it too. Her touch was strong, confident and soothing. As labor was fully established and the midwife here, she was always there when anyone needed anything. The little things made all the difference and she had some absolutely perfectly timed moments where her touch and massage and suggestion was just what I needed.

She was great! It turned out I wanted my husband to be my person through each pressure wave and Candice totally, 100% supported him in that role. She was the grease that made my labor support team a well-oiled machine, and in the end our daughter was born at home, in the water, just as we wanted. As we bonded with our new baby, she was so fast to clean up everything; all the logistical support was just amazing! Made home birth such an amazingly simple choice. I would so highly recommend Candice to any parents looking for a doula!