creating a nest of joy
for the birthing superhuman

the benefits of a home birth

With a home birth, you'll have the freedom to birth in your own surroundings, choose how you labour, your labour positions and many parts of the birthing journey. This includes whether or not you eat or drink, take warm showers or baths, use candles or aromatherapy and more.

- you'll have the ability to be surrounded by family and friends
- fewer maternal infections and a lowered risk of third-degree or fourth-degree vaginal or perineal tears
- you'll have the freedom to move around or take a shower or bath
- low lights, low noise, and only people you choose to attend are there
-midwives will come to your home post birth - day 1, 3 and 5 and we'll come day 2,4 and 6

- you'll have increased confidence to advocate for self and say yes or no to recommendations.
-you'll have immediate family time with the immediate observation of skin to skin 
-you'll have better access to breastfeeding support 
- we'll clean up the birth space and start the laundry
- we'll prepare a meal for you 

how do we create an exceptional home birth experience?

we'll  customize your space  and move your furniture to accomodate the birth.

we'll give your space a 'glow up' with tulLe and fairy lights, submersible LED lights.

we can accomodate you anywhere in your home or in an outside space, deck or natural space.

we'll prepare a cup of fresh tea immediately after birth to warm and rejuvinate you.

we'll clean up the birthing area and start your laundry for you.

you can expect a memorable sensory experience with ESSENTIAL OILS, CANDLES and more. 

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Overall, we felt really supported. We felt supported in our choice in a home birth. We felt supported in learning about birth. During the birth, she was like a solid wave of encouragement, reminding me that every contraction was bringing the baby closer to me.

— Dorothy, 2X stages mama