Kind Words

I am honoured at the kind testimonials by the mothers & families I have been a doula for. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your birth experience.

Candice was an indispensable member of our team”

My wife and I first heard about doulas while attending a pre-natal class. After the class, my wife mentioned that she might like to look into hiring a doula. At first, I was a bit put-off by the idea. I thought that having a doula would somehow take away from my experience as a father in the delivery room that a doula would somehow “get in the way”. My wife did some research into what exactly doulas do, and then explained to me that they are not there to get in the way, but to support us. I wanted my wife to be happy, so I agreed to look into it with her. Plus, I liked the idea of having an impartial third party along — my wife’s sister had their mom in the delivery room with her and her husband, and it caused some conflicts.

Being a software developer, I felt it was important to find someone who had a well-functioning, professional-looking website. Candice was the only doula we researched that met these criteria, and we also got a good feeling from reading the content on her site. I agreed to meet with her, and my wife set it all up.

Inside my own head, I had this image of what I thought a doula should be like — and I have to admit that she wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I did my best to push that notion aside and look at things objectively, and I quickly learned that she was the best choice for us. After she left, my wife and I spent some time discussing everything that transpired during the visit and decided that we would hire her. My wife was somewhere around 30 weeks pregnant at the time.

Over the next several weeks, anytime we needed more information about something or had questions, we were able to text/email Candice, and she would respond in a timely manner to help us make informed decisions. When my wife went into labour at 1:30am, we sent a text to Candice and she replied almost immediately. When we told her that we needed her, she immediately got out of bed and drove to our house! She was able to help keep my wife calm, relaxed, and comfortable while I ran around packing stuff into the car and getting the cat situated, which was totally awesome. I was even able to cook breakfast for everyone before we left for the hospital which gave us the starting energy we needed for the 24 hours of labour that would ensue. During labour, I was right up front with my wife most of the time, holding her hand. Candice would get stuff for us (including food/water) or take turns massaging my wife, or help my wife find comfortable birthing positions –whatever needed to be done. And when I needed a break, Candice would step up to the front with my wife so that I was able to sit down in a chair and relax fora few minutes / eat something. About 18 hours into the labour, having Candice there I was able to step out to the waiting room where my wife’s family had been waiting all day. They were excited to see me and hear first-hand that everything was okay! Unfortunately we had a doctor that was constantly trying to push interventions (unnecessarily!) on my wife even though she made it clear she wanted a natural birth. Just having Candice there going through it with us and answering our questions, and having that extra witness to what we were telling the doctor, gave us the strength we needed to stick to the plan. When the baby was finally born, Candice took a picture of the first skin-on-skin contact and hung out with us for a few minutes before heading home. She would normally stay for a while after the delivery, but she had been with us for over 24 hours without sleep and we also were tired and wanted to sleep, so we agreed to send her home.|

Looking back on the experience, Candice was an indispensable member of our team and neither my wife nor I could imagine going through it without her. I’m originally from the U.S., where having a baby costs tens of thousands of dollars. Some of my buddies down there talk about how they are “still paying off” their now-teenage kids. Since the wonderful healthcare here in Canada allows us to have children without getting a lien placed on everything we own, the relatively small cost of hiring Candice was well worth it. In fact, we’ve already discussed hiring her again if we should decide to have another kid!
— Father

”I highly recommend her and want her therefor the next baby we have!”

I am so glad that we decided to hire a doula! When we found Candice’s amazing website we pretty much knew she was the one. Candice was always there to answer any questions we had from the moment we hired her. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her job and it shows, she was always checking in to see how things were going and giving us webpage links to help us make informed decisions. She made sure that she fully understood our birth plan and helped reinforce it when our doctor was trying to steer us away from it for no good reason. The use of her TENS machine and rebozo was a life-saver! Her knowledge in different birthing positions really helped when I was having a lot of back pain from a posterior-facing baby. She came to our house in the middle of the night and helped me find positions and activities to cope with the pain and progress things along. She was such an important and invaluable member of our team that we couldn’t have done it without her! We both felt supported every step of the way. She was so encouraging and supportive while I was in labour and really helped keep me on track with my birth plan! I gave birth to a healthy 10lb 10oz boy, and his hand even came out with his head, naturally without an epidural or a c-section. I am so grateful for everything Candice did. I highly recommend her and want her there for the next baby we have!

“I would so highly recommend Candice to any parents looking for a doula!”

Candice was an absolutely integral part of our successful home water birth. I had a highly medicalized and traumatic first birth followed by postpartum anxiety and badly wanted this birth to be a healing experience. All her logistical supplies (awesome lending library, birth ball, tens, birth pool and accessories) made it easy to plan for! She takes her doula work very serious and is passionate about all things birth and had the supplies, and knowledge to help women through this amazing process. When I was 40wk5d I had an intense false start that she arrived for, in the middle of the night of course, and immediately got to work setting the house and birth pool up. Despite labor stopping she remained with us all night and provided many suggestions to kick start it in the morning. I felt foolish calling her out only to have it stop, but she was so professional and personal all at once, reassuring me that everything would be fine. When she left, she gave me and my husband some homework and later that night it was on! When she arrived she immediately started massaging me and showing my husband how to do it too. Her touch was strong, confident and soothing. As labor was fully established and the midwife here, she was always there when anyone needed anything. The little things made all the difference and she had some absolutely perfectly timed moments where her touch and massage and suggestion was just what I needed. She was great! It turned out I wanted my husband to be my person through each pressure wave and Candice totally, 100% supported him in that role. She was the grease that made my labor support team a well-oiled machine, and in the end our daughter was born at home, in the water, just as we wanted. As we bonded with our new baby, she was so fast to clean up everything; all the logistical support was just amazing! Made home birth such an amazingly simple choice. I would so highly recommend Candice to any parents looking for a doula!
— Tara Hill

“I felt Candice offered as much support to me as she did to my wife.”

Candice was great. When my wife first suggested a doula I felt like it was taking something away from me. My experience was the opposite. I felt Candice offered as much support to me as she did to my wife. Having Candice there allowed me to fully support my wife and not have to run for all of the logistical support. Whatever we needed Candice was there to get it and make timely suggestions that reassured both me and my wife. Her knowledge and experience was obvious and she was extremely supportive of everything that we wanted. I felt she exemplified a supportive attitude and made me feel more confident about what I was doing to support my labouring wife. I would recommend Candice to anyone embarking on the journey of pregnancy and labour.
Austin Hill
— Father

“I had a very positive experience working with Candice, both pre and post-natal.”

I had a very positive experience working with Candice, both pre and postnatal. I would recommend Candice for anyone looking to work with a doula – she will definitely help make your birth experience more calm, informed, and help you make good decisions along the way. Candice is a wealth of knowledge, and can provide many referrals in the community such as for prenatal education, breast feeding support and how to find a midwife. Also, she is a great photographer and I recommend adding her photography to your birth experience, you won’t want to miss capturing those once in a lifetime moments!

“If you are looking for someone to support you through your birth I highly recommend Candice!”

Working with Candice was an overwhelmingly positive experience. She stuck with me when things were slow and was there to help when things were fast and furious. She reassured me repeatedly that she wanted to be with me and that I wasn’t wasting her time even when the contractions died down for a bit. She really helped contribute to the positive wondrous feeling of that birth. I felt truly precious. The use of her tens machine was really helpful getting through the last two hours. I hired Candice primarily because the birth of my first son there were many changes and some complications for which I wish I had an advocate to explain what was happening and push for what I wanted. I think just the fact that she was there and ready, gave me the confidence to focus on the birth, which went amazing!!! If you are looking for someone to support you through your birth I highly recommend Candice! Also I recommend checking out her birth and new born photography which she is insanely talented and has a wonderful manner with babies.