prenatal doula services

We will support your birthing journey through positive emotional support, compassionate care, knowledgeable advice, and lots of laughter.

Investment: $1250

As part of our services, we will discuss your baby's birth process during a variety of appointments and the journey that your baby will take. We’ll talk about what you can expect so you can feel confident in your journey and in your choices. I strive to demystify birth, remove fear, and add an element of fun to the birthing experience.

I will be on call from 37 weeks and will remain on call up to six weeks post birth to support you in any way I can.


First prenatal appointment : pregnancy + birth

We'll discuss the following (minimum 2 hours):

  • The stages of labour and what to expect

  • Your options surrounding birth, and informed choice

  • Medications including induction options

  • Your birth place + birth plan

  • Birthing too fast, or having to transfer locations

  • Exercise and nutrition during pregnancy

  • Alternate care for optimal fetal positioning

  • The birthing partner

  • Massage and touch 


Second prenatal appointment: labour + postpartum

We'll discuss the following (minimum 2 hours):

  • Possibility of C-Section

  • Delayed cord clamping and placenta

  • Protecting your perineum

  • Coping and relaxation during labour

  • Parenting and newborn tips

  • Breast/Chest feeding + the breast/chest feeding partner

  • Safe sleeping with your newborn

  • Bonding with your newborn


Third appointment: birth, postpartum + breast/chest feeding 

  • I will attend your birth, and will be with you to support in any way I can.

  • After birth, we'll discuss your baby's wellness and I'll prepare a fresh cup of tea to warm your body.

  • I’ll provide immediate support in bathing, breast/chest feeding and any other needs you may have.

  • I will remain on call up to six weeks post birth to provide you with support.

We'll discuss the following (maximum 2 hours):

  • Your baby's wellness

  • Your birthing experience for closure


Included: 5 fresh images

I love capturing birth, the moment’s and memories that are made through such a powerful and life changing event. Especially those quiet moments after your birth, when you and babe are snuggling, and together as a family you are falling in love. My doula package includes 5 fresh images, that I will capture after your birth.

Included: free birthing pool rental

Your investment also includes a free TENS unit rental, birthing pool rental from 37 weeks until birth, non disposable supplies and the setup and take down of the pool and birth clean up.