Birth doula Support


We will support your birthing journey through positive emotional support, compassionate care, knowledgeable advice, and lots of laughter.

Investment: $1250

As part of our services, we will discuss your baby's birth process during a variety of appointments and the journey that your baby will take. We’ll talk about what you can expect so you can feel confident in your journey and in your choices. Stages doulas strive to demystify birth, remove fear, and add an element of fun to the birthing experience.

Your doula will be on call from 37 weeks and will remain on call up to six weeks post birth to support you in any way they can.

Every family receives the support of their PRIMARY doula as well as the benefit of a SECONDARY doula.

First prenatal appointment : pregnancy + birth

We'll discuss the following (minimum 2 hours):

  • The stages of labour and what to expect

  • Your options surrounding birth, and informed choice

  • Medications including induction options

  • Your birth place + birth plan

  • Birthing too fast, or having to transfer locations

  • Exercise and nutrition during pregnancy

  • Alternate care for optimal fetal positioning

  • The birthing partner

  • Massage and touch 

  • VIDEO CHAT with your secondary doula. In the rare event that your primary doula is unavailable, your secondary doula will join you in your birth. The video chat gives you the opportunity to connect with your secondary doula beforehand!

Second prenatal appointment: labour + postpartum

We'll discuss the following (minimum 2 hours):

  • Possibility of C-Section

  • Delayed cord clamping and placenta

  • Protecting your perineum

  • Coping and relaxation during labour

  • Parenting and newborn tips

  • Breast/Chest feeding + the breast/chest feeding partner

  • Safe sleeping with your newborn

  • Bonding with your newborn

Third appointment: the birth, postpartum + breast/chest feeding 

  • Your doula will attend your birth, and will be with you to support in any way I can.

  • After birth, we'll discuss your baby's wellness and your doula will prepare a fresh cup of tea to warm your body.

  • Your doula will provide immediate support in bathing, breast/chest feeding and any other needs you may have.

  • Your doula will remain on call up to six weeks post birth to provide you with support.

In your in-home postpartum visit, we'll discuss the following (maximum 2 hours):

  • Your baby's wellness

  • Your birthing experience for closure

Optional Add-Ons

Every Stages Doula has different specializations, training and passions, while still working under similar values and approaches. Optional Add-Ons include Birth Photography, Videography, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding, counselling, Pre and Postnatal yoga, Reiki, holistic nutrition, fertility doula, volunteer loss support Doula, or loss/ rainbow baby photography, and reflexology.


Included in your birth doula package is:

Use of TENS Machine

Full Birth Pool Set up for home birthers

Interested in both birth doula support and birth photography?

We have two options for you.

OPTION 1 - Hire a Birth Doula / Photographer combo

The Stages team has 2 doulatogs (doula photographers) on our team. Your doulatogs primary focus is to work as your doula and photograph when the time/situation allows. You will only have one person attending your birth and some moments may be missed due to the focus on doula support.

OPTION 2 - Hire a Birth Doula AND Photographer

With this option, you get to have the undivided attention of your birth doula and ensure that every moment is captured with your birth photographer solely focused on capturing your birth.