Welcome to your family photography or videography. I love to bring fun and play into my un posed sessions.

What can you expect from your session? I bring elements of play and laughter into my sessions, so that I may capture unique and authentic moments that are not expected. I accept your treat me like anyone else in the family, the difference is I have my camera and will be taking pictures or video of you.  I will ask questions, playing games, or making jokes all to get authentic connections, and those precious fleeting moments that make your family special and unique. I do a little of posed photography, if this is your request, however, the best memories are the ones we create while having fun. 

Family sessions typically take place outdoors, however, if you have chosen video as part of your package, I do love to capture image inside your home surrounded by things that have meaning to you and adding a layer of personality to your images or video. 

House keeping 

Indoor photography: I use as much natural light as possible. I ask that you open all available blinds or curtains before I arrive and please turn off ALL your light's.  Don't worry if you home seems dark, I can correct this in my camera. 

Clothing: Please avoid small delicate stripes in your clothing, dress to who you are, reflecting your personality and family. When I arrive, for a video session, please come as you are, no need to get ready for me. I am a friend showing up for a visit, I just have a camera with me. As well, capturing your family getting ready for the day, or to go out makes great memories. 

You will receive all the images that I have, 30 or more. I do not up sell images to you, unless you are wanting to purchase prints, canvas, or photo books, then I am your girl :) 

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