• 3-4 hours total time

  • 3-5 outfit changes, nude, or implied nude

  • I’ll bring the wine, you tell me White or Red.

  • Your welcome to bring a male partner.

  • Location and Beautification

Investment: $300

Bring a friend


  • 2-3 hour total session each.

  • 3-4 outfit changes

  • I will bring wine, you tell me white or red

  • Location and Beautification additional

Investment: $250 each




Host a party


You can host a party with 3 or more  friends

  • Professionally done hair and makeup

  • 2.5 hour total time

  • 3-4 fast outfit changes, or 2 slower paced changes.

  • Swanky Downtown Location

  • I will bring the wine, you tell me red or white

Investment:$400 each


You can choose to do your own hair and make-up, however, this is highly not recommended. Due to lighting, facial features can be lost, and hair won’t stay.  I recommend hiring a professional, or using mine.

Investment: $100


You are welcome to find and provide your own location. The location should be modern, swanky, boutique type locations. If you prefer that I find a hotel or a B&B I am happy to oblige.

Investment: $250






the experience itself is the greatest reward. I am always here to answer any questions you may have, you can contact me directly at 604-808-4362, if you need any help. I do nudes and implied nudes, so expect an outfit change to be wearing nothing. Please be bold and creative, think outside the box.

Must haves.

2-3 pairs of sexy shoes (Must Haves)

1-2 Bra and Panties Matching set. (not just black) (Highly Recommended)  

Garter belt and stockings (Highly Recommended)

Bodysuit (Recommended)

Bustier (Recommended)


Silk robe

Partners sexy shirt

Sexy off the shoulder sweater, or a very sheer shirt





  • Garter

  • mask

  • hats

  • pearls or other jewelry (I take credit for one of these photo’s, I’ll mark it)

  • things that are your partner's (guitar image)

  • gloves

  • cuffs

  • whips

  • scarves & cowls


Includes 10 of your favorite images. For an additional investment of &100 receive 10 more images.

Order your beautiful high end, lux photo album on or before the day of your shoot and receive 10% off your book.

Canvas and Printable images available for download.



If you have not already done so, %50 deposit  is due to secure your spot and the room. the remainder is due the day of the shoot, and before any images are released. You can transfer me the money, pay by cash at no extra charge. You have the option to pay by Credit card with $20 service fee increase.