Peaceful Beginnings

The Birth of Logan

I was a part of a well-supported, peaceful and beautiful home water birth. This birth is going to be one of the most memorable births that I have had the privilege and honor to be a part of. Mom was supported during her pregnancy and birth with all her options and choices being honored without question.

I got a text from my client on May 26 at about 2:30 pm with an update. She is 41 weeks plus 3 days pregnant and baby is posterior (back of head facing the spine).  I sent her homework to try to turn baby, and as well to my favorite group of Chiropractors, Marie at Optimum Family Chiropractic for an adjustment that would hopefully help turn this baby.

On May 27, 2:30 am, 41 and 4, I receive a text saying that waves are 5 minutes apart and about a minute long.

 She is getting comfy and trying to sleep, in the nest suggested by the Myles Circuit.  At 7:30 am on the 27 she texts me again that she is getting ready to need me. No sooner am I in the shower when she calls me again and informs me that she is ready for support. I arrived at about 8:45 am,  mom is doing very well using her Hypnobabies. She is about 3 minutes apart, coping beautifully and ready for the pool, yet, enjoying her TENS machine. Before I could get the pool set up, I hear some involuntary pushing sounds coming from the room. I join her and ask if she feels pushy. Mom responds by saying “I don’t know, my body just did that.” I instruct her to listen to her body and blow them away, while asking her husband to call the Midwives to let them know what is happening.

With the midwives on their way, I finish setting up her birth pool and assured her that if she did not enjoy it as much or more then the TENS, she could get out. Once entered into the pool, her pushing sounds get stronger and more active, with the midwives about 45 minutes away, I set up for the possibility that she may be catching her baby while I am supporting her. I give a quick call to a doula that I find to be a wonderful mentor and someone that I look up to as a wealth of knowledge and info, grab all her prepared towels, a mirror from my kit and a flashlight from her husband. 

My doula mentor runs through the three rules with me, tells me to instruct her to work with her body, and when she can just blow some of the tension away. With my Mentor close at hand and by text message I set to tell mom that she is doing an exceptional job and that she is safe to birth her baby. I also tell her that when she can she should blow her baby out, because she is not going to tear without her midwifes here.

Mama is rocking her pushing stage when I start to see head. My inner goddess is dancing and singing, while my outer goddess is cool and collect. 

Just then the midwives show up and my inner goddess cries a bit, and my out goddess text my mentor and tells her the midwives have shown. I now know that I can do the job when the situation arises.  It wasn’t soon after that she birthed her baby in her own hands and in the water at 11:51am. Baby Logan was crying and all wrapped up in his umbilical cord.

The midwives needed to step in and help untangle him then they stepped back again, allowing plenty of space for mom, dad and Logan to say hello. Mom physiologically manage the birth of the placenta, no one touched the cord, or tugged on it. In a supported squat mom delivered her own placenta into a bucket below her.  They brought the bucket up and clamped and cut the cord.  Within 10 minutes of his birth 7 lb 14 oz baby Logan was hungrily nursing and doing really well.

Because of this amazing woman, I got to have an experience that brought up my confidence and renewed my passions in life, and let me know that I am on the right path in life.  I will never forget them and will always be grateful to them.