Birth of Nova

Birth of Baby Nova

Every so often, I get to witness a birth that takes my breath away!  This one was one of them, and did so on many different occasions. I got to witness strength, courage, determination, perseverance, beauty and grace. Without many words to describe it, momma was well supported and stuck to her birth plan and all her options.

On Sunday June, 14, 2015 in the morning, My client calls me saying that her birthing time has started. Waves were still far apart and felt much like period cramps as she updated me randomly throughout the day, I felt confident that she had her early labour.

On Monday at 12:30 am, I am called in because she feels that she needs support. When I arrive her waves are mild, so I set her up to try to sleep. We woke up at 4:30 am with stronger waves. Her times varied, but the intensity was getting up there, so we called the midwife and she came over to assess the situation.

The midwife confirmed early/prodromal, yet she had a funny pattern, we thought maybe babe was is a funny position either acynclitic, posterior, or maybe babies hand was by her face, we were not sure. The midwife recommended that we call in a local acupuncturist Kathy King, who specializes in pregnancy.

Kathy set up mom and baby, to help labour, encourage baby into the right position and to reduce nausea, once that was done; I built my client a little nest on the couch and went home to sleep for a few hours. 

Momma started good labour at about 4am Tuesday morning when I got called back, I arrived to an active sounding mama whose waves were about 3 ½ minutes apart. Every so often, she would have about a 5 minute rest and then get one really strong wave and continue her pattern. Her birthing was strong, yet slow to progress, so we had to work on keeping her comfortable with plenty of fluids and rest.  

About 6am that morning, mama was 3 CM along and needing more options than what we had at home, plus a change of scenery.  We all proceeded to the hospital where she had a nice deep tub with endless hot water and options if she needed them. Baby was confirmed to be posterior (back to back) and Kathy King came back to help baby roll into an anterior position. She was rocking it happily in the tub when she started to feel pushy, she wasn’t there yet at 6 cm, so she requested the gas to support her efforts of not baring down during the pushy waves. She fought the urge to push for the rest of Tuesday and into the early hours of Wednesday.

Finally at about 8 am and 8cm mom requested her epidural. Things were moving slowly and the urge to push was getting stronger. For her at this time the epidural was a good choice.  4 hours later she was still 8cm. The OB Dr. Shone came in to chat. Without giving her any vaginal checks or mention of a C-Section supported her choice in informed consent. He told her that she was progressing slowly and that both her and her baby were doing fine. He was concerned that in time her uterus would tire or baby would tire and would like to administer a very small dose of Oxytocin. He pointed out that she could continue the way she was as time was her other option. 

My jaw dropped, because it is very rare to hear this take place with no mention of Forceps, Vacuum or C-Section. My client and I chatted over her options, she was progressing, but very slowly, she was able to wait if she wanted and would be fully supported. However, after many hours of this, she chose to use the Oxy to augment and help her out. Once the Oxytocin was given, mama still fought her urge to push for about 2 hours. At 9cm with a small lip, momma rolled over onto all fours to help get rid of it, she stayed this way for 30 min. She could still feel the strong urge to push and continued to fight her body. Finally the lip was gone and after pushing for an hour Baby Nova was born 8lb 9oz and in the anterior position. She was alert and ready to eat.

I have a new respect for the power of a woman’s body and the capabilities of a women in her birthing time.

The strength and determination she showed was paramount to the success that she had during her birthing. It is rare that we see babies born vaginally with these circumstances of being OP and slow to progress, without medications or interventions.

Mama turned down options given to her when she wasn’t ready and requested options when she was. She was supported in informed consent and thought things through before accepting or rejecting, she was also given the option of time and she made the right choices for herself, her body and her baby.

I am so proud and feeling really blessed by to be witness to such a powerful life changing birth story! Thank you to the family for having me there, my gratuity for you flows straight from the heart!