25 Things You Need to Know About Me

I write some pretty good confessions in here. I hope you enjoy who I am.

I love to think I am a pretty funny person. I love to have fun, crack jokes and I have great energy.


  1. My most favorite person in the world is my Aunt Marg, and I think it’s because she is very sarcastic, cocky and swears a lot!

  2. My birth name is Candi, and I really don’t like it!

  3. At 18, I changed my name to Candice and don’t let anyone call me Candi. Except my brother, who runs the solo campaign called the Coalition against Calling Candi, Candice. He tried to enlist my nephews, but it’s not working.

  4. I invent songs, often using my children’s names. Some are so popular that my kids think it’s a real song. A common question from my children to me is, “Is that a real song, or did you make it up?”

  5. I am fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) I used to want to be an interpreter.

  6. I love learning and will often teach myself new things.

  7. I moved from Calgary to BC when I was 12 days old. This was my first time on a plane. I don’t count that, my mom does. My second first time on the plane was when I was 30 and 7 weeks pregnant with my first.

  8. When I was little I spilled the Rice Krispies all over the table and floor and blamed it on our cat Missy. This is the first time, I will be confessing to this incident, so we are hoping no family reads, because it wasn’t me, it was Missy!

  9. I ran around my park for 3o min, chasing a budgie so I could save it, I was 3 weeks pregnant with my second.

  10. I can cry during commercials, an A&W one being the worst. Mama Burger, Papa Burger, and Baby Burger as a way to announce pregnancy. It got so bad while I was expecting that I had to change the channel as soon as it started.

  11. I taught one of my cats to roll over and sit.

  12. I am only shy on two occasions. One, when I first meet someone, and two when I have to ask for something. Other than those 2 occasions, I am 99% extrovert and you will never see it again, if you saw it at all. Watch carefully, its fast

  13. I tell people all the time what my plans are when I win the lottery. I have never bought a ticket.

  14. I have at least 10 most favorite desserts and they all involve chocolate in some way.

  15. I have a total of 6 piercings and don’t wear earrings. What is with that?!?!?

  16. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, yet I have a compulsion to collect it.

  17. From the day of my birth to present day I have never been without a cat, usually 2 cats at any given time.

  18. I have a bear that my mom gave my dad while dating, a bear that my Nanny owned and gave me, and a wind up Raccoon from my crib. They are all over 30 years old (not saying how old, that ages my forever young attitude) Each one of my children now owns one of these items.

  19. I have known my whole life that my first baby was going to be a girl, because I would dream about her, and always the same dream. At 8-10 years old, I turned her into twins and named them Launa and Vauna. She has had many names since then, until her birth and we named her Jenalynn, a compilation of Jennet and Lynn after both her adoring grandmothers.

  20. I am normally a very loud and energetic person. To calm me down send me to the trails. My body will calm and relax where I become more introverted and quite. It’s really quite neat; I use it to ground myself.

  21. I have trained in Culinary Arts, American Sign Language, Social Work, Classroom Community Support, Behavior Intervention and settled on Doula. I always follow passion, and it takes me everywhere.

  22. I have a highly visual memory and can remember events and conversations with great accuracy, however, I cannot remember birthdays.

  23. I did not get my licence till I was 26.

  24. I am not afraid of spiders, but I am afraid of their webs.

  25. I only own 2 albums because I don’t like any artist enough to buy their whole collection.you