7 Tips For Pregnant Mamas to Stay Cool this Summer

Beat the Heat

I was overjoyed to learn that I was expecting my first baby. We conceived in January and were due in October. Little did I know that as pregnant woman our core temperature rises--and stays that way. When summer came I was miserable, hot and sweaty. I vowed never to do this to myself again, but come my 3rd, I forgot what summers felt like and did it again, this time due in September. I learned a few tricks along the way.

First, I forcibly made my husband buy an air conditioner, with the threat of murder. When he did, I found myself sitting in front of it in my underwear. Thankfully, there are other ways that involve less violence to beat the summer heat!

Seven tips for pregnant mamas to beat the heat

  1. Get an air conditioner for the home. This can help during the hottest part of the day or even with sleep at night. You can buy a cheap one that is portable and can sit on the floor or in the window. If this is not an option, remember that stores, coffee shops and the mall are all air conditioned. Go walk around the mall, or sit down in your favourite coffee shop and enjoy a cool beverage.

  2. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is key in the summer. Not only does it help your body stay cool, but it keeps you hydrated. One of the things I learned is that any little bit of dehydration can cause contractions. This knowledge came after I spent a night in the hospital with an IV and a big lesson! I cannot stress the importance enough. If you don’t like water, cold tea does the trick. Stay away from sugary juices though, as they can spike your blood sugars.

  3. Go swimming. Two ways you can do this. First, you can go to the beach. Bring a big floppy hat, sunscreen and seek shade. The cool water of a lake feels great. Second, you can go to an indoor pool. Find one that is air conditioned and float around. Not only do these options cool you down, but they’re also great for your body. That’s because buoyancy decreases weight on the joints and tissues, increases blood circulation, and reduces blood pressure. Swimming on your tummy is great for optimal fetal positioning, not to mention the exercise you get. If baby is in the breech position, do handstands in the water and stay cool. It's fun to play.

  4. Try a water-filled misting bottle. I recently took my kids to Disneyland, and MAN is it hot! They sold these misting bottles with fans attached, and we would mist ourselves while walking around. You can buy them at the dollar store. Or just buy a squirt bottle and mist away to cool your temperature. A great place to spritz is the back of your neck.

  5. Use cool compresses. Get cold cloths and drape them on your forehead, back of neck, and chest. It feels nice and you can get really creative. In birth, I fill a bucket with ice water and rotate as necessary. You can put them in the freezer and rotate, and you can even stick rice bags in the freezer as well.

  6. Go in the bath, shower, or kiddie pool. Having a cool shower, soaking in a cool bath, or seeking shade outside and putting your feet in the water feels great. Grab a glass of iced water or iced tea and enjoy the relaxation of sitting, or relaxing in the tub.

  7. Wear light, breathable, comfy clothes. Avoid dark colours, which attract heat, and instead wear white or light cotton clothing. Try spaghetti strap sundresses or shorts--whatever you can to feel cool. Like I said, I spent a lot of time indoors in my underwear!

However you choose to stay cool is up to you. Summer can be trying on our expectant bodies, so beat the heat and seek out the cold. Don’t forget to drink plenty of hydrating fluids.

Have I missed anything, are there other tricks you used (or still use) to stay cool? Have a story to share? Please leave a comment bellow.