A Birth I'll Never Forget

A Birth I'll Never Forget

A powerful mom, a hands-free hospital birth, and a day of pure magic

There is nothing quite like catching your own baby.

In all my years as a Doula, I have never before seen a birth where the wishes of the family were wholly supported by each care provider present. From start to finish, this family was completely supported in its hands-free hospital birth.

Labour began in the morning at home. I was called to the home, where Mom rested and moved as her body needed to. She was bouncing on her birth ball when she made the call to move to the hospital. Once at the hospital, I ran the tub and she got in. The next few hours were pure magic. Her midwifery team was hands-on, and although there was a lot of charting to do, this did not stop her team from supporting her as much as they could.

When it came to pushing, Mom was guided to trust her body and follow its lead. Dad jumped in the tub behind Mom, so she was fully supported. The plan was that one of them would catch their baby, and this happened exactly as planned.

When it came time to deliver the head, the Midwives told Mom just to put her hand there and feel it come out slowly. Nothing more had to be said. I heard beautiful, powerful and sexy noises as mom grunted and moaned her baby into her own hands. The Midwives told her that at the next contraction, she would feel the head turn, and she could hook her fingers under the shoulders. With the next contraction, Baby came sliding out beautifully, and Mom caught Baby and brought him to her chest with relief and a primal cry. It was the most beautiful and intensely raw moment to witness.

The nurse put warm towels over Baby and stepped back, while Mom felt her cord beat steadily against her abdomen. The Midwives, taking the cues from this sensation, patiently waited while the pulsing slowed down and stopped about 15 minutes later. At this point, with a grunt and a push, Mom birthed her placenta into the tub. The placenta was put into a bowl and the cord was clamped and cut by Dad. With support, Mom got out of the tub and moved to the bed, where baby rooted, found her breast and started nursing.

I was honoured to have witnessed such an empowered, inspiring, and moving birth.

Would you consider catching your own baby? Have you had a hands-free birth? Leave a comment and let me know!