The Visual | Why Hire A Birth Photographer

Often I am asked why I photograph birth, or why should someone have a birth photographer in the room? I am usually stuck for words, so I just show them. I often have a couple images somewhere in my phone, or access to my Facebook page and those images always tell a woman why I do what I do, no words are ever needed. There are no words to describe what you are experiencing in birth, there are no words to describe those first few moments after birth.

How does one describe the moments after birth? I don't think there is enough language to cover such a beautiful meaning.

I document birth, I document the most real, intense, raw and life changing moments of your life. I capture pieces of your memories and turn them into art. It becomes real through my lens. These are memories that will not stay with you forever, unless they are somehow documented.

With a professional photographer, no one in the room other than me is behind the camera. Your spouse can focus solely on you and your family can share in the joy. No one has to worry about the lighting. For example, hospital lighting is often orange, home birth is often very dark and operating rooms are bright and blue. I have the equipment to cover all of that. I am steady of hand so you will not receive any blurry or shaky images.

I am equipped to produce amazing quality images in the best and worst of lighting.

I capture all the details that may be missed while you are busy birthing. You may not be see what is going on behind the scenes, but I am there to make sure that all of it tells your baby's birthday story.

What do I capture?

I capture… 

Moments of rest between the hard waves. 


The moments of connection and support, and moments where you go deep within yourself. 

The moment of birth. 

Your first hellos

The reactions of your loved ones, joy, and elation.

Dads, family, and siblings. 

Little fingers and tiny toes

Your baby’s cute little face, eyes, lips, and nose. 

And all the moments in between.