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Thank You for choosing Stages Doula to capture and tell your birth story. Birth photography and videography tells a story that is powerful and transformative.

A quick reminder about when you should contact me...

Please send me a text when you feel like labor has begun giving me the heads up, communication is key. This allows me to think about the next few days with your birth in mind, or tells me that I need to prepare child care. I won’t get in my car, but I will make sure that my bag is packed and ready by the door.

Once contractions have intensified and you’ve decided it’s time to call your midwife or head to the hospital, please send me a message or give me a call. My goal is to arrive when you are in active labor. This ensures that my presence won’t distract you or prevent your labor from advancing. If you aren’t sure if you’re in active labor, your care provider will be the best gauge. Below are a few rough guides that can hint at active labor (but remember, active labor looks different for each woman!)

  • Contractions are 3-4 minutes apart, for one hour

  • Contractions are too intense to walk or talk through

  • Contractions are accompanied with rectal pressure

  • Dilated to at least 4-6 centimeters

Remember, I need at least one and a half notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact me once you feel like active labor has begun.

My phone number is (604) 808-4362 if I do not answer right away, call me!

If you can't get a hold of me by cell phone, my emergency contact is 604-464-9190 Call here. 


House Keeping:

  • I need 1.5 hours to get to you

  • Birth can be dark, images may be noisy or grainy (look fuzzy)

  • I shoot flash if needed, otherwise I will open a window, or turn on a light in the corner

  • I may turn down music, if it is distracting to the birth film

  • ALWAYS ask and ADVOCATE demand that your photographer join you for this momentous occasion in the OR. Often NO is heard first, but families with strong advocacy can make it happen.

  • Birth is unique and can change, images change with the circumstances surrounding your birth

  • I do not photograph or video any emergent situations. I am not allowed to Video in the OR

  • I use flash at time of birth, its too important to miss or have fuzzy.

  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY! We must remain in contact, and I must be aware of any changes to your birth plan, and transfer into hospital. Program my number and emergency number into your phone and into your partners phone.

Agreement's are linked bellow, please read carefully, and ask any questions before signing. Agreements must be signed before care begins. Deposit of $500 is due within 48 hours of receipt of invoice. Special considerations will be made if you cannot send your deposit right away, just let me know, so I can continue to hold space.  

Commonly Asked Questions


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Keep in mind that I may capture images or parts of images on your not wanted list, however, Birth is tastefully done and sometimes our perspectives and Ideas change.  I do not send these images in your album, but should you change your mind will make them available.
consider what kind of images you are most attracted too and why. What are you seeing, what part of the story are you being drawn too. Feel free to describe, or send a few images to show
What perspective would you like to see images from?
Check all that apply. NOTE: Due to space, and situations, I may be stuck in a corner of the room. Perspective may have to change due to circumstances.
Anything I forgot to ask Anything fun you want me to know about your family/situation?

All agreements, must be completed before 37 weeks of Birth. 

BIrth Photography Agreement

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