Why you want to have a birthing pool for your labour

A home birth is a wonderful choice where you can relax in the comforts of your own home while you welcome your baby into the world. Water birth has been shown to reduce pain and keep a woman relaxed during her birth process.


  • $90 for 5 weeks. Includes one set of pads
  • Additional pads $15 each
  • Doula Clients COMPLIMENTARY

Birth Pool

Home birth Kits

  • Water birth kits $110
  • Aquaborn
    $250 or choose the complete kit $350
  • La Bassine
    $200 or choose the complete Kits $300

  • La Bassine Maxi
    $200 or choose the Complete kit $300


Pool, Pool Liner, Debris Net, Hose, Tap Adapter, Sump Pump, Protective Floor Cover.

You'll also receive, with a complete kit:

4 packages of individually packaged 4×4 sterile gauze
15 Large disposable under pads
12 Medium disposable under pads
1 Peri bottle
2 Pairs of disposable mesh underwear
1 Black garbage bag for trash
1 Clear bag for laundry
1 Large Ziploc bag for placenta
1 Waterproof mattress liner
2 heavy overnight pads
1 Pair of shoulder length gloves
1 Pair of fitted gloves, non-sterile

All pricing is subject to GST and PST

Doula Clients receive the pool rental free.