birth support

supporting your birthing journey through positive emotional support, compassionate care, knowledgeable advice, and laughter.

the benefits:

having a doula decreases your risk of intervention, birth trauma, infections and DEPRESSION, 

labouring IN YOUR OWN SURROUNDINGS with knowledge on when to transfer

You'll receive the confidence, knowledge and support to make informed decisions during your birthing journey.

we Will provide you with food and warm drink after birth, tidy up your birth space, and help you snuggle down with baby for the night.

YOU'LL RECEIVE regular VISITS FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF YOUR POSTPARTUM by a supporting member of the team.

we provide you  specialised skill sets required to make a complete and supported recovery.

you'll have the freedom to move around your home and choose your own birthing positions.








what's included:

• Monthly meeting  VIA zoom and 1 in person prenatal
• 1 prenatal and 2 postpartum lactation visits with Katy Teasdale, RN IBCLC ** Option to includs
• 6 week Prenatal course with My Powerful Birth
• Assistance in identifying your goals, intentions, and outlining your values list.
• Evidence based education, research, and emotional support
• Extensive support during your birthing journey for as long as we’re needed.
• 1  Postpartum support (up to 4 hours ) OR Mentorship
• 6 weeks of continued postpartum on-call support by text + phone, 24/7
• TENS unit rental complimentary
• Birth pool rental including set up and take down complimentary
• Access to our extensive Lending Library
• A copy of "Parent Like a Boss", and other complimentary goodies

total and unwavering support - for the birthing superhuman.

6 week Prenatal Education series

Did you know that our Doula Package includes six weeks of prenatal classes (a $299 value)?!

Whether you plan to birth at home or in hospital, go unmedicated or fully medicated, low intervention or high intervention, or even a cesarean birth, the My Powerful Birth are a complimentary addition for all of our Stages Clients. Upon hire we will send you a welcome package with your link and code. These courses are highly encouraged for all expectant parents to take.  *

While it is suitable for any kind of birth, the emphasis in all classes is on informed choice and having a birth that you feel powerful in. Your instructors, focus on unlearning some of those lifelong stories that have built your perception of birth so that you can really tap into what is important to you through this momentous journey.
So much of the information out there is just focused on fear and control of birthing parents. That is not what these classes are about. Feel confident in your power by getting valuable information and tuning into your intuition, making a positive difference for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys.
As experienced educators and doulas, Michelle and Samantha have been to pretty much every kind of birth there is. They can pull on knowledge and experiences at high intervention births and completely hands-off births. Their knowledge base is broad, which means they can easily adapt the information to suit the class needs. Having birthed seven babies between them in various ways personally, they also can share what it’s like for first-time parents and adjusting to life with more kids.

If you are interested in our services, and are not working with the Stages Team use this link and register with the code (STAGES25) for a $25 off.
My Powerful Birth classes

With Samatha Gagnon and Michelle Tyliakos

what else is included ?

We'll talk about:


Monthly prenatal appointment (1+ hrs each) 

~ exercise and nutrition during pregnancy
~ your intentions and options surrounding birth, and informed choice
~ stages of labour and what to expect
~ medications including induction options
~ Presipitace birthing, hospital transfers, and the unexpected
~ alternate care options for optimal fetal positioning (massage, chiropractic, naturopath)
~ Birth Partners Intentions and roll
~ massage and touch during labour
-fourth trimester expectations
~ the possibility of a C-Section
~ delayed cord clamping and placenta
~ protecting your perineum during labour
~ coping and relaxation during labour
~ breast/chest feeding + the breast/chest feeding partner
~ bonding with your newborn
~ parenting and newborn baby care
~ safe sleeping with your newborn
~ your maternity health appointments with other care providers

We’ll talk about your birth location, your values and birth plan and you’ll have the opportunity to meet your secondary doula. 

- We'll connect you to your village, prental program, and your Lactation Consultant*. 
- Set our monthly conversations

We’ll make sure we understand you, your birthing preferences and what’s important to you; working towards creating a successful and memorable birthing experience.

- We'll attend your birth and support your for the length of your labour as needed. 
- We'll provide practical help in preparing the birthing area, customizing your space, setting up the birthing pool and decorating for you. 
- As your labour progresses, we’ll coach and support you and provide support your partner and/or children.
- If the need arises, we’ll advocate for you.
- After birth, your doula will prepare a fresh cup of tea to warm your body, clean up the birthing space, take down the pool and start a load of laundry.
- We'll provide immediate support in breast/chest feeding.
- We'll discuss your baby's wellness and give your baby a bath.  
- Our care is different for every birth; our goal is to support you the best way we can.

during the birth:

before the birth:

after the birth:

custom POSTPARTUM support 
( up to 4 hours )  

~ We’ll discuss and answer any practical questions about what you may be experiencing
~ We’ll spend time in your home providing hands on support like cooking, light housework or laundry OR
- Have a Village member provide specific phone and support to you. 
~ We’ll provide compassionate and encouraging support
~ 2 postpartum Breast/Chestfeeding visits with RN, IBCLC Katy Teasedate*
- Continue connection with our Village community resources.

~ We’ll discuss your baby's growth and ongoing wellness
~ We’ll talk about your birthing journey and experience for closure
~ If you have any baby or postpartum body-related questions, we’re here
~ We’ll talk postpartum body awareness and nutrition
~ We’ll talk about sexual health and re-introduction to sex
~ We’ll discuss your needs and the potential of continued doula support.

Connecting families with their communities is our main values, as soon as you onboard with us, you’ll be able to meet with your doula regularly via Zoom to chats.   Zoom visits are an opportunity to connect, ask questions and become comfortable with each other. By communicating with your doula, you are building trust; the foundation of a successful birthing experience.  The Stages community is passionate and commited to supporting you and your needs, each one of our Village members has been hand picked by me, as well as a trusted in the community.


Our regular Zoom meetings will continue up to six weeks postpartum at which time you'll have the opportunity to renew our support services or thrive solo.  
Postpartum takes a village, with our community connections and proffessionals we provide you a place to land when you are in need of expert support.  We offer Counceling, sleep education, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, holistic nutrition, fertility and pregnancy planning, reiki and much more. 

continued connection

a complimentary "Parent like a Boss" planner, plus other goodies.

you will also


total and unwavering support - for the birthing superhuman.

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option 1: hire a doulatog

The doulatog’s primary focus is to work as your doula and photograph only when the time and/or opportunity arises. You will only have one person attending your birth and some moments may be missed because of prioritizing doula support.

option 2: hire a doula and a photographer

With this option, you’ll have the undivided attention of your birth doula and ensure that every moment is captured by your birth photographer who will be solely focused on capturing your birthing journey. 

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At Stages Doula, we are multi talented doulas who operate with similar goals and values.