Pre Labour Questions

Why do I need a doula?

I believe every woman can benefit from trained labour support. Doulas understand the unique qualities of birth and provide holistic care to make birth a comfortable and empowering experience. Doulas educate families to have informed choices so you maintain control of your birth experience. 

When and where do we meet?

Interviews can e conducted of the phone, at a local to you coffee shop, or face-to-face. This is a free, no-obligation consult. It's a chance for us to meet and for you to ask any questions you may have. 

How many times will we meet pre-labour?

Once contracted, we meet twice in the prenatal period. It is ideal of these meetings are done in your home so I can see your space and know how to best support you on the day of your birth.

  1. The first meeting is a get-to-know-you, when we talk about your goals, wishes, and concerns. We will focus on building your birth vision and values answering any questions that may arise. 
  2. The second meeting, I ask that you have everyone in your support team present so we can go over comfort techniques and how to best support you on the day of your birthing. We talk about positions, go over massage, practice on the ball, and talk about ways to get rest and speed up labour. We will also go over the basics of breastfeeding and the first latch, as well as your baby's physiological sleep habits, so you know what to expect within the first year of life. 
  3. The third meeting is optional, we will meet before your 41 week gestation prenatal appointment to talk about induction. We go over what to expect, human gestation, and what you can do to understand and be fully educated in your decision making process. 

When do you become available?

I am available to you by text, phone, and email from the moment you hire me. At 37 weeks gestation, I am on call to you 24 hours a day to answer any questions or help you determine that you are indeed in labour. As soon as you go into labour, call me and we will discuss the next steps. It is at this point that I usually prepare to make my way to where you are. 


What if you can’t or don’t make it?

  • If I absolutely cannot make it due to emergency or illness, you will have my lovely back-up doula colleague instead.  When you initially hire me, I will give you her contact information and you have the option of contacting her in advance should you wish to meet her. 
  • If I do not make it because you failed to notify me, there is no refund.
  • If I do not make it in time because of the speed of birth, I am still on my way, and will still spend 2 hours with you and your family. I will offer a second additional and optional prenatal within 2 weeks of your birth at no cost to you. There is no refund.
  • If I do not make it because of my error and there is significant notice and contact leading up to your birthing, I will refund the second portion of your prenatal. This event has not happened, this clause is here to protect you in the event I fail to provide services. 

I already have a Midwife/Doctor/Partner/Friend/ Family etc:

  • In every birth, no matter what combination of support team members you have in your birthing room, each person has a very different role to play. Midwives, doctors, and nurses each focus on different aspects of the medical side of birth, such as the immediate health of the mother and baby, the safety of delivery, and of course, the paperwork. As your doula, my main role is taking care of you and delegating tasks, ensuring everyone has a job to do to support you, and protecting your emotional well being. 
  • Partners often don't know what to expect during birth and some tend to be very nervous. Doulas work to offer them support so they can feel calm. We work as partners with our partners to to provide you with more than one level of guidance and support. I have also found that partner's often take the role of encouragement and love, while doulas provide the comfort measures such as massage, water, reminders, and a cold cloth.  Doulas are very familiar with the terminology used in birth, and all the stages of birth,  as well as variations of the normal physiological birth process. Using this knowledge, doulas provide both the birthing woman and partner with peace of mind throughout the process, you or your partner can just focus on the task at hand, while I worry about all the logistics. 

I am having a C-Section:

This is no exception to the rule. I provide you with all the same pre-birth knowledge and support. I can be with you in the operating room if your partner does not want to be in there. I can sit with you in recovery and leave your partner with the baby (if applicable, as some hospitals do not allow this practice, but I always try). You will never be left alone, no matter how the baby is born. As your doula, I am there for you in the same way as if the baby was to be birthed vaginally- the only difference is the method of delivery. 

What about the Friends and Family I want at my birth?  

  • The friends and family who attend your birth are also important members of your birth team but they often do not know how to best support you. I work with them to ensure your needs are met. This often means delegating tasks to them, such as getting your water, or showing them how to help you move through a contraction. 
  • We all come together to make a special team for you and your best interests are at the center of all we do. It's a wonderful feeling when everyone has a chance to be an active part of your birth experience. Imagine: one persona may be doing a hip squeeze, on is holding your and and dancing with you, another is getting you a cool cloth and one is massaging your feet. 

During Labour Questions

What do you bring with you?

  • TENS machine is available to you at 37 weeks
  • Various essential oils and massage tools
  • Rebozo in which is a tool used to assist the mother into various positions and for relaxation. 

What will you be doing?

  • I provide you with comfort measures such as, massage, movement, guided relaxation, visualization, position changes and encouragement.
  • I help you feel safe, confident and comfortable.
  • I wont make decisions for you but offer suggestions and support so you can make an informed choices. I will advocate on your behalf to you other birth team members.

Post Partum Questions

How long will you stay with me after labour?

After your birth, I will remain with you for up to two hours. During this time, I can assist with breastfeeding and any emotions you may be experiencing.

Will you visit me at home post labour?

Yous, you will receive one postpartum visit. In this first visit, we will go over your birth and I will answer any questions you may have. We will take a second look at breastfeeding to ensure that all is going well. 

Will you help with Breastfeeding?

Yes, I will stay with you after your baby is born to ensure you learn how to latch, and what a latch should feel like. I will also offer breastfeeding support at your postpartum visit. For an additional fee, I am also able to provide postpartum doula services, which cover topics like breastfeeding and more.  Please email me to learn more about postpartum support. 

I cannot afford a doula

I strongly beleive in the benefits of a doula for every woman. I am open and willing to work on a payment plan that will allow you to benefit from support services at your time of birthing.