I am a Doula and Photographer that truly has a love of birth and the birth experience.

I am amazed by the strength women have through birth and am grateful to be part of their birth journeys.


I aim to support you and your family through your birth experience(s) by creating genuine birthing memories through positive emotional support, compassion, knowledge, and fun. It is my goal through working together that you will feel nurtured, powerful, and informed throughout your birth.

I am a DONA trained doula, and have been certified in the Wise Woman Way of Birthing program.  

I believe that you have the right to: have a positive birth story and be informed and in control of your choices related to all aspects of your birth. It is my goal to help you and your partner, as part of your birth team, have the best experience possible. I work to encourage and comfort you by providing physical and emotional support using a holistic approach

Candice the Doula

I am a Wife, Sister, Daughter, and Mother of three children. Throughout my endeavors, I have always had passion for birth and babies. 

The deep passion in my heart leads me. Out of high school I obtained my diploma in ASL and studied 2 years of Sign Language Interpreting. I then went into social work and began supporting the people in my community through guiding them in obtaining independent and meaningful lives. After eight years of community support I realized there was more I could do. So I went back to school to study Child and Classroom support and started my career as Behavior Interventionist.

How does this help you?

I have a strong background in support and I believe that you can achieve your very best birth(s) through information, knowledge, compassion, love, and support. I am also a ball of positive energy that never fails, and my passions flow freely through me. From the moment you hire me until you are holding your sweet bundle in your arms, you will have fun, feel safe, and know that you are well supported!

How I became a Doula

Like many of you, I didn't know what a doula was when I first became pregnant. After announcing my pregnancy at work, a co-worker told me that she was a doula. Like many women, I said, “a Do-what?” I didn't believe I needed one of those; after all, I had my doctor and my husband to take care of me. What more did I need? 

Read more about what a Doula is here.

I had some complications during my first pregnancy that prompted me to research  about doulas, and then my husband and I decided we wanted to have one after all. We hired her at 28 weeks pregnant to support me during routine hospital visits. She held my hand at every appointment, until my birth was no longer considered high risk. I felt extremely supported during my birth that I then went on to have a Doula for all three of my births. I now knew how valuable doulas really were.

My husband adored her, she assured him of what ‘normal’ was and removed a lot of  pressure from him so he could better support me. When pregnant with my second and third babies, my husband made sure she was one of the first people we called, insisting that he needed her more than I did. 

It was through these experiences that I felt the calling to support women just as I was supported; offering women emotional and physical care during pregnancy, birth, and after.

Candice the Photographer

I first picked up a camera to photograph a birth two years ago. With the opportunity to photograph a friend’s birth I realized I wanted to do birth photography. Birth Photography allows me to support you in your birth experience by capturing your strength, beauty, and love while documenting your birth story.

Taking time to be behind the lens during a birth allows me to stand back and give you space while focusing-in on the details of this amazing experience in your family’s life. When hired as a doula, your space is my first priority. I put down the camera to be with you; for that reason I cannot guarantee when photos will be taken. Since my first birth photo shoot I spent time to learn more about the practice of birth photography. I have also worked to expand my skill set and offerings to my clients by including maternity, birth, and newborn photography.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am the mother of 3 children
  • I am fluent in American Signed Language
  • Nature grounds me, allowing me to feel calm and connected. I enjoy hiking and trail walking.
  • I invent songs to sing to my children, usually involving their names!