Candice Tizzard 

I Am a Doula & Photographer

I aim to support you and your family through your birth experience(s) by creating genuine birthing memories through positive emotional support, compassion, knowledge, and fun. It is my goal through working together that you will feel nurtured, powerful, and informed throughout your birth.

I am a DONA trained doula, and have been certified in the Wise Woman Way of Birthing program.  I am fluent in American Sign Language, trained at Vancouver Community College, and Douglas college. 

I believe that you have the right to have a positive birth story, be informed, and be in control of your choices related to all aspects of your birth. As part of your birth team, it is my goal to help you and your partner have the best experience possible. I work to encourage and comfort you by providing physical and emotional support using a holistic approach. I have been present at over 100 hospital or home-based births over 5 years. I have a special fondness and  specialize in home births. I am authentically me! I'm energetic and believe that laughter is the best medicine. I ease the birth process with jokes and fun, all while keeping up with current research and birthing trends. As a front-line worker, I know what woman are asking for to facilitate birth and am prepaired to support all your choices.