I Am a Doula & Placenta Encapsulator

Ana’s unofficial doula career started when she attended her sister’s birth at one year of age. Ana’s official doula career began by chance when her friend inviting her to her birth and the extensive training that followed the request. Days after attending the birth she quit her job, and now she is a full-time doula and placenta encapsulation specialist

Ana combines her gentle approach, her sense of humor with the belief that women’s bodies are built to give birth. She believes that being a doula is so much more than merely providing physical and emotional support during birth; she likes to think of herself as a passionate birth advocate, inspiring families to seek the care that will maximize the chance of having their ideal birth. 

Her diverse life experience and background has a large impact on her work. As an immigrant in Canada, she comes from Eastern Europe by way of Africa. Along her journey she has picked up 4 languages: she is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Italian.