Homebirth in Burnaby

If you know me, you know how much I love telling birth stories, the best is when I am invited back to tell a families second story. I love growing up with and following families, it feels like I am family as well.

Their first birth was very fast, I wanted to be close incase the speed was on, however, this time I learned the importance of a powerful decision.

The oldest child was at daycare when labour started, Mom was determined that Dad pick up their son, feed him dinner and get him ready for bed by 7pm, then the baby would arrive shortly after, Her goal was 7:30pm. Watching the process, you could tell she was holding back because of this determintation. They got the oldest child into bed and her daughter was born in the water around 7:45 almost as predicted. They ended up getting their oldest child out of bed to join in the celebration, he became a big brother and shared in the love.