The Purple Candice: Authenticity and my business

For years I have been describing myself as a pop of purple. It hasn’t always been easy to explain to people, but it’s something that I feel intuitively. Recently, I realized why.

When I chat with my beloved mentor, we always have wicked and beautiful conversations filled with “aha!” moments. The other day, I had one of those “aha!” moments in conversation with her after she recommended a book called The Purple Cow by Seth Godin. We were talking about marketing and how my business can, and should, stand out as unique. She described driving by a large field filled with brown cows. They are all brown, except one: a purple cow at the back of the field. 

I had a realization: that purple cow is me! Furthermore, that purple cow is my authentic self, not my business plan or a branding strategy. I said, “Candice is the experience.”

It really was a transformative moment for me, and part of a longer journey too. As an adult, I am finally learning to embrace the quirkiness, exuberance, and sense of fun that embody me. I am a pop of purple in a white room or the purple cow at the back of the herd.

I don’t need gimmicky business offers. I just need to be authentically Candice! That in itself is unique and makes my business unique. You–the client–will walk away with an amazing experience of joy and laughter, a unique perspective on the world, and a little bit of magic in the mundane. You will walk away feeling alive with a playful attitude–a feeling of energy that can take over the world. Just yesterday I received a text saying that someone was taking the leap and going back to school to pursue their dream job because of the energy and inspiration that I left them with. What an honour it is to know that just by being authentic, someone else was inspired to be authentic too.

In my work, I embrace my authenticity and I invite you to do the same in our time together. Take the plunge and come see what The Purple Candice embodies. I would love to work with you and your family!