I’ve Booked…Now what?

There’s no perfect answer to this, because part of the journey to your session is the experience. Doing it my style means hopping on and enjoying the ride!

Briefly, here’s how it works: I send you a quick questionnaire for you to fill out. This draws out who you are so I can quickly assess how we capture your day.

I then send you some information and education on what to expect on the day of. It is different for Lifestyle and Documentary (please read the difference between Documentary and Lifestyle photography here).


I arrive in the morning as you are getting ready to head out. Typically this means everyone is running around and getting ready to go out in a joyful chaotic way. You don’t have to do anything for me, just let me show up and you be authentically, uniquely, and spectacularly you!

I will say hello to everyone and get to know you before I bring out my camera. I tend to connect rather quickly to children and dogs–most children don’t need a lot of time before I am their best friend.

Your documentary session is 3 hours or 6 hours depending on which package you choose. Some families like to plan activities both in the home and outside. Where you go, I follow! (I call shotgun!) You dress how you want and your kids can dress themselves. Heck, even your dog can dress themselves if they want as well. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up for me, getting ready for me, or even having the kids smile! Our goal for the day is to connect, play, have fun, and be exactly who you are as you are right now, today, at this moment. 

Documentary sessions are as follows: Maternity, Newborn, Birth, and Family.


Lifestyle is a bit different.The sessions include Maternity, Newborn, and family. Again, when I walk in the door, or arrive at our chosen location, the first thing I do is say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I will make a connection with the children and assure your spouse that I will make it fun and easy. Even in Maternity, I will make sure everyone is natural and authentic. Then we just have a blast, play, connect, cuddle, and bond. Even though I will direct you into certain poses, everything (interactions and connections) are authentic, real, and in-the-moment. 

Sessions are often 2 hours long, with the exception of Documentary. I will capture everything and in-betweens. I will not put my camera away or down until I leave and walk away.  

Clothing should coordinate and be neutral, with no harsh patterns or logos. Light patterns, floral and small stripes are okay. Big bold splots of colour, fruit, and plaid don’t work as well. Here are some Pinterest ideas you might like.

All window coverings need to be open to full, and all the lights in the house need to be off, so we don’t have mixed lighting in the home. (If a room is dark, please don’t worry about that, the capabilities of my camera are set up to capture darker spaces.)

Lifestyle newborn sessions:

  • Newborn sessions are done in the morning, typically done at 10 am or 11 am and are 2 hours long.
  • I will typically shoot on the master bed, in the nursery, and in the living room; however, if a kid’s room or guest room has better light, I have been known to switch spaces. I have sometimes loved a kitchen so much, we will shoot in there as well.
  • Bedding shouldn’t be too busy, but I do bring along a white blanket if necessary. (You are not expected to change bedding just for me!)
  • Don’t worry about cleaning the house with a newborn. You should be worried about cuddling, connecting, bonding and falling in love–not tidying. If I need a space cleaned, I can quickly with enlisted help tidy it up.
  • I bring a wrap and fuzzy throw if you have siblings that you want images of; however, siblings are never forced to participate. The focus is on you and the baby. If the sibling doesn’t want a shot, I won’t worry about it, and I don’t want you to worry about it: they are encouraged to always be who they are.
  • I don’t bring any other props, so please have a white or neutral onesie shirt and a change. Please collect a couple of your favourite swaddle blankets for wrapping and swaddling. If you have something that is special that you want in an image, I am happy to use it, but it won’t be the centre focus.
  • I do not pose babies, they come as they are. They run the show and are the centre focus.


After the session 

  1. Once the session is over, I go home and download images onto my computer.
  2. I will then select 2 or 3 and lightly edit them and send them to you.
  3. I take 24 hours off to move away from my personal attachment I now have to the photos. I am not allowed to look–it’s my rule.
  4. After that brief break, I begin to work right away on developing and editing your images. 
  5. I am an all-inclusive photographer and you will receive your digital gallery for downloading and printing.
  6. You can print anywhere you want to, but please don’t go to Walmart for your heirlooms, I will not guarantee colour and quality. You can choose to print through me, where I have a professional printer who prints on heirloom-quality ColorLok (a professional paper that I can promise will be flawless) or they will fix it.
  7. I will then design your story album with the very best parts of your day. This album is made of high-quality linen material with thick substrate pages, and printed on gorgeous Matte Velvet paper. It is customised with your family name. If you would like further customization to your album, please let me know at the time of purchase so that I can add the additional costs to your album. Additional albums and parent albums can be printed after the session.